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How to Help the Victims of the California Wildfires

How to Help the Victims of the California Wildfires

The California wildfires have caused many people to evacutate their home and has destroyed many facilities, businesses, and homes. Projectmates would like to share some resources on organizations that have responded to the disaster and several ways that you can help the victims.

How you can help the victims of Hurricane Irma

How you can help the victims of Hurricane Irma

It has been a full month since Hurricane Irma made landfall, but the damage to the area has been so extensive that recovery could take a substantial amount of time. Here is how you can help.

The High Price of Inefficiency

The High Price of Inefficiency

Construction projects are becoming more and more complex every day. With this growing complexity, the importance for efficiently managing everything in one place is also increasing.

Hurricane Harvey and How to Help

Hurricane Harvey and How to Help

Hurricane Harvey made land fall three days ago and has unleashed a huge amount of rainfall across Texas and parts of Louisiana. Displacing over 17,000 residents as of Tuesday morning, many people are coming together to help in any way they can.

Ransomware: The Growing Threat to your Security

Ransomware: The Growing Threat to your Security

As our society becomes even more connected through the web, ransomware has evolved over the years and become a significant threat to businesses, government agencies, as well as both financial and academic institutions.

Is ActiveX safe?

Is ActiveX safe?

Projectmates has been asked by many school and government entities if we include ActiveX controls. We do not, and here is why.

Bidding Construction Software

Bidding Construction Software

Projectmates is revolutionary when it comes to construction bid management and integration into Owner-Focused project management software for construction.

Projectmates @ ICSC RECon 2017

Projectmates @ ICSC RECon 2017

Every year, Projectmates participates as an exhibitor at the ICSC RECon global convention. Held at the Las Vegas Convention center, the 4-day event came together with a whopping 37,000 attendees!

Projectmates 2016 Annual Conference Highlights

2016 Annual Conference Highlights

Held in Richardson, TX at the Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel from October 13-14, 2016, the Projectmates 2016 Annual Conference provided sessions for every level of Projectmates user.

German-based LIDL entering US Market

German-based LIDL entering US Market

LIDL USA has set up its US headquarters in Arlington, VA and has its sights set on an aggressive construction schedule, starting with the East Coast.

Projectmates Construction Project Software

Revving the Custom Business Process Engine

Does your company have a unique process that requires a specialized form and approval process? Maybe you're tracking this information in Excel today and are frustrated by the inefficiencies and lack of reporting options. Bring that process to life with the Projectmates custom business process (CBP) engine.

Projectmates Construction Management Software V14.5

Here comes Projectmates 14.5!

Projectmates Version 14.5 is due to be released on November 14! In addition to the numerous enhancements that we've made to existing functionalities, we're excited to showcase our brand new Mobile App for iOS and Android!

Projectmates User Conference: Save the Date!

Save the date! Systemates, Inc. is having our first annual Projectmates User Conference. The conference will be held at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX on Thursday, November 5th.

Strategies for Managing your Project Schedules

Kieran Stone, Director of Construction at Trader Joe's for 10 years, was a guest co-host at our last webinar and discussed the challenges and successes of leveraging Projectmates schedules for new stores, remodels, relocations, and expansions. Regardless if you are managing one project or 100 projects, you need to understand, manage and communicate your program schedule.

When Being a People Pleaser Counts

Are people pleasers pushovers? Unassertive? Nonsense! The Projectmates team is proud to say that we are people pleasers through and through.

Projectmates meets RECON

Projectmates Retail Construction Program Management Software made an appearance at RECON 2015 in Las Vegas. Great business, a great venue, and fuzzy animal scooters ensured that the Projectmates team had an absolute blast attending this year!

Excel without Excel

Excel without Excel

Many construction programs today continue to rely on archaic methods such as Excel spreadsheets to keep their projects on track. Managing a high volume of projects in this manner can be incredibly tedious as project data becomes scattered across spreadsheets. Learn how Projectmates makes it all too easy to excel without Excel!

Ghost Schedules...are you at risk?

Ghost Schedules are employed behind the scenes on construction projects for various reasons and purposes. They are typically created from a perceived or desired need for a more reliable schedule by one of the parties to the contract. See how Projectmates tackles this ghastly construction issue!

Impact of Job Roles on Purchase Decisions: Construction Software

Impact of Job Roles on Purchase Decisions: Construction Software

Purchasing new construction program management software is an incredibly daunting decision. A deciding factor on whether or not a software service is right for a company is dependent on those who will be using it. Find out how job roles in a company effect these purchase decisions.

Graphs and charts speak a 1,000 words!

Most people have better memory retention when they see a graph, chart or table as opposed to raw data. That's why you've got to love Projectmates with its versatile dashboard reporting.

Construction Project Collaboration Software

Collaboration and Teamwork

The world of construction has always had few constants and many variables. Delays, change orders, budget shortfalls, fluctuating owners' needs, and technological changes require constant modifications to the project.

Construction Program Management Software Compatibility

What's Your Pleasure? Device & Browser Compatibility with Projectmates

For many enterprise web applications such as Projectmates, Internet Explorer has long been the web browser of necessity with the desktop computer being the only option for devices. If you're considering construction management software, be sure the software is available where and how your team needs it.

Projectmates Celebrates with V13 Launch Party

It's a Homerun!

The Projectmates team and about a dozen enterprise clients celebrated the launch of version 13.0 at the Texas Rangers Stadium. And the Rangers won. It was a win for all!

Upcoming Launch Party

The Projectmates team has been hard at work with their upcoming software version. Can you believe that a month from today, Projectmates V13 will be here? I'll bet you didn't know that Projectmates is also having a launch party in celebration of the release!

Mapping your workflow process

Each stage of construction is dependent on the previous one. Starting from the design and bidding process through project completion, to preventative maintenance. The entire project lifecycle is connected. A great construction project management software creates a lifecycle workflow where all the different parts are connected.

Life of a Project: Traditional vs. Collaborative Project Management

Jennifer Grieser, Construction Analyst for Le Duff America and Alan Davis, Engineer at Alan Plummer Associates, Inc. have a roundtable discussion at CMAA North Texas over how Projectmates Construction Program Management Software has helped them to improve their construction workflow, covering topics including accountability, automation, consistency, reporting, and RFI and submittal tracking.

Projectmates Case Study: Montclair State University

Montclair State University, the second largest university in New Jersey, had two problems. First, University enrollment had risen over 70% in less than 10 years, creating the need for expansion and improvement of the campus' physical assets. Second, outdated technology made it difficult for executives to have a clear pictures of the health of their projects.

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