Automatic Backups & More

What if you could take a snapshot of your entire construction project at any point in time, to ensure you have complete and accurate records for security and posterity purposes? With the traditional paper process, this would be a labor-intensive task; but with the Backup & Archive module from Projectmates construction management software, you get just that.

Backup & Archive goes beyond the standard approach of creating backups to drives or disks by including all your uploaded native documents and creating an HTML version of all your dynamic pages. It then neatly packs information into a single downloadable zip file.

You'll receive a notification by email once the backup is ready for download, which you can then save to a USB drive, making it a permanent project archive.

    Key Features
  • Backs up entirety of project website content automatically
  • Choose the sections of the site you want to backup
  • Packages all information in a single downloadable zip file
  • Arranges all uploaded files in appropriate directories based on project structure
  • Creates hyperlinks of all construction management logs and details
  • Preserves attachments
  • Works overnight and sends an email when ready
  • Does not need installation or database to view information
  • Offers ability to create multiple time-stamped archive sets
  • Provides ease of use

The Smarter, Easier Way to Manage Your Construction Projects.

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