Capital Planning: Construction Project Success

A Capital Improvement Plan is your blueprint for supporting your organization's mission and delivering high priority, high quality capital improvements. This includes new construction, renovations/remodels, and capital maintenance projects. Creating and maintaining your CIP is complex and time consuming, yet that's not even half the battle. When executing the CIP, you must track funding source revenue, allocations, commitments, and actuals by fiscal year, project, phase, and more.

Projectmates online construction management software provides Planning & Development Executives a highly robust Capital Planning Software to strategize and track their capital projects and funding sources. Multiple funds can be created, grouped, and balances tracked in Projectmates. Planners can allocate funding to capital projects by fiscal year and project phase. With its intuitive design and workflows, Projectmates project management software for construction makes this complex process simpler with its graphical representations of projects, costs, and allocations.

Capital projects, funded and unfunded, are ranked by a set of scoring criteria that you control. This allows for prioritizing of projects by need, regulatory or legal mandates and many other ranking criteria. In addition, funding rules can be set for the different phases and years of a project to allow for percentage funding across one or multiple funds.

Instead of continuously attempting to update spreadsheets that only one person can access at a time, fund managers can work collaboratively to get the most up-to-date information as commitments and pay applications are added and approved in Projectmates web based construction management software. Funding reports deliver an easy view of projected costs, committed amounts, and actual costs in real time as projects move through their lifecycle in Projectmates.

Benefits of Projectmates Capital Improvement Project Software:
  • Prioritize and rank projects based on your unique criteria for "Go" and "No-Go" decisions.
  • Track allocations and multiple funding sources (e.g., bonds, state/federal, tax, in-kind).
  • Track funded and unfunded projects.
  • Forecast planned costs and compare against commitments and invoices in real time.
  • Report on funds and projects by allocations, commitments, actuals and more.
  • Compute future cost of present money using base year and escalation percentage.
  • Create and save snapshots of capital improvement plan for later review.
  • Get a specialized Gantt view of projects to see how they fit in your CIP timeframe.
  • Filter capital projects by rank, status, allocation percentage, type, fiscal year, phase, and more.
Funding Summary

Funding Summary

Funding reports deliver an easy view of projected costs, committed amounts, and actual costs in real time.

CIP Gantt Chart

CIP Gantt Chart

The Gantt chart provides a bird's eye view of capital projects within a user-defined CIP timeframe and includes planned cost by year.

Capital Plan Process

Projectmates has tools to manage the complete lifecyle of capital projects and funding sources.

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