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Projectmates is a mega app on steroids!

Steve Bohlman

I love apps. I own an iPhone and iPad. But you can't use a combination of apps to manage a $50,000 - $1,000,000 project. You must use something like the Projectmates app, which I really consider something like a mega app on steroids.

- Steve Bohlman, Dir. of Operational Excellence
Source Refrigeration & HVAC

Comprehensive Construction Management Features

The Projectmates Mobile Construction Management App for iOS and
Android devices provides users with
a streamlined interface to easily
accomplish all project management tasks on a tablet or phone screen.

Projectmates Construction App: My Work

My Work

With Projectmates, being away from your desktop is no longer an issue. The mobile app allows you to quickly access your project management responsibilities on the mobile My Work page. This area displays every task that has been assigned to you across all of your projects. Respond to RFIs, complete a schedule item, or even approve an invoice from the comfort of your mobile device. The My Work area provides a simple interface to stay on task and on time.

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Projectmates Construction App: Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Push Notifications give you the ability to stay aware of any work assigned to you, even when you're not in the app itself. Projectmates Mobile can ping your device every time a new task has been assigned to you. Give it a swipe, and the app will start up and take you straight to that item.

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Projectmates Construction App: My Projects

My Favorite Projects & Project Home Page

The My Favorite Projects area is where you can easily access projects you've been assigned to. Use the search bar to find particular projects based on name or address.

When accessing a project from the app, the first thing users see is its mobile Home Page. The Home Page displays a live weather report of the project location, and provides quick navigation to the various project tools.

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Projectmates Construction App: Document Management

Document Management

The Documents area allows you to manage, organize, and share all document and design files for a project. This includes AEC documents, drawings and specifications. Document files are organized in Groups 🡢 Menus 🡢 and folders, all of which are easily customizable to match your organization's folder and file structure.

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Projectmates Construction App: Markups & Annotations

Markups & Annotations

Projectmates Annotation tool allows you to annotate a PDF you downloaded from a project, and then upload it back as a newer version. Don't worry about overwriting a file, as Projectmates version control will always keep older versions of a file.

When annotating a PDF, you can circle, highlight, provide comments, and even attach images directly from your camera to a PDF. If there is text embedded on a PDF, you can use the Search bar to search for it.

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Projectmates Construction App: Progress Photos

Photo Management

Consistent Photo documentation is an important part of keeping projects transparent and on track.

Projectmates provides a central hub for viewing and sharing image files. You can quickly take a photo from your camera, markup any important areas, and then upload it to the system in one swift motion.

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Projectmates Construction App: RFIs


The RFI tool provides a central place for all project RFIs and manages the entire Q&A process throughout construction.

From the field, a contractor can quickly compose an RFI that the architect is immediately notified of. From the very same tool, the architect can close the RFI by providing the contractor with the necessary information, or route the RFI to another team member.

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Projectmates Construction App: Field Reports

Field Reports

The Field Report tools provide contractors with an easy way to record project progress on a daily or weekly basis. They can log weather, personnel equipment, uncommon events, and even attach photos to the report itself.

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Projectmates Construction App: Schedules


Tracking schedules is extremely important for any project. Projectmates is unique in that you can track multiple schedules within a single project. Contractors can manage their own construction schedules, marking items as complete in real-time. Project Managers can oversee a separate Milestone Schedule to ensure that the overall project is on track. They can even assign responsibility to individual users to ensure scheduled items are completed on time.

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Projectmates Construction App: Action List/Punch List

Action List

Need to punch the project, review a closeout checklist, or do a warranty walk? With the Action List tool, you can create and manage any kind of punch list or checklist that is typical for your projects.

Visiting the project site? You can take a picture, mark the issue, and then create a Punch List item for your contractor in one swift motion. Using the same tool, the contractor can verify it has been addressed, and then take and attach their own picture to confirm it.

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Projectmates Construction App: Discussion Forums

Discussion Forums

The Discussion forums allow your team to consolidate conversations related to the project to a single area. And instead of worrying about a team member being left out of an email, phone call, or Skype message, the Discussion Forum provides you a way to automatically send notifications to team members when you make a post. Maintain lightning fast communication while ensuring no one is ever out of the loop.

The Discussion tool is also accessible when navigating an Action List or Schedule. Simply click the chat bubble next to an item to begin commenting on it.

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Projectmates Construction App: Team Directory

Team Directory

Tired of digging through emails to find someone's contact information? Utilize the Projectmates Team Directory to bring up contact information for other users. You can use the search bar to quickly filter through contacts. From here, project members are just a click away from a text, call, or email.

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Benefits of Using Projectmates Construction App

Take the robust capabilities of the desktop version of the
software, and put it in the convenience of your pocket.

Access a wide array of construction management web tools that have been scaled to fit on your smartphone or tablet.
Improve efficiency of mobile workforce.
Live information updates; no syncing required.
A streamlined login process provides instant access to project data.
Download and store files and images for offline view.
Upload documents into Projectmates from other cloud services such as Dropbox, iCloud, Google Docs, etc.
Faster project deployment and completion times.
Easy to use.
Punch list app, construction drawing app, and much more — all bundled into a single Mega-App.

The Smarter, Easier Way to Manage Your Construction Projects.

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