Construction Program Management Software for Government

Management of government construction projects often includes requirements that go beyond those of commercial construction developments. So, in addition to all the features and benefits Projectmates offers civilian entities, managers for government-specific projects will discover the following solutions.


  • Financial Approval History
  • Real-time Information
  • Ball in Court Tracking
  • Email Notifications & Reminders
  • Audit Trails
  • Role-based Security

Projectmates provides unbeatable transparency. With our web-based software, you have the ability to view every detail of a project along with the current status utilizing an at-a-glance window, forgoing the need for constant progress-checking. Team members can view drawings, documents, meeting minutes, discussions, project budgets, invoices, and many more management processes, all stored and shared in real-time. And, thanks to role-based security, you decide who views what, and can easily track access points.

Cost Savings

  • Mailing Costs Reduced to a Minimum
  • Saved Money in Late Payment Penalties
  • Eliminate Inefficiency
  • Reduce Paperwork
  • Less Wasted Time & Aggravation

As paperwork decreases, and communication and accountability become clearer, both local and national government entities gain more effective use of key personnel resources. With more antiquated processes, managers were simply required to spend more of their time performing administrative tasks such as following-up on detailed progress.

Leveraging Projectmates means freeing up management's time to focus on managing projects and not paperwork. This creates a more cost effective use of both time and money.

Capital Funding

  • Fund Tracking by Project & Fiscal Year
  • Capital Project Ranking
  • Financial Program Oversight

With Fund Tracking, finance and fund managers have an at-a-glance progress report of funds, including credits and debits of funds and fund tracking by fiscal year. From there, funds can be allocated to specific projects over the course of one or more years to track commitments and actual costs of each project and their impact on the fund. This significantly reduces the chances of a "surprise" alteration, keeping change order-associated costs to a minimum.

DIR Partnership

Projectmates construction management software partners with the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) to make it easier for Government agencies to purchase Projectmates. For more information, click here.

We also make the plans, specifications and contractor submittals available to multiple departments throughout the course of the project. This has greatly helped to reduce the volume of questions that arise during the project. After using Projectmates for several years, our engineers and contractors have found it to be very user friendly and have provided feedback to us from their experiences with using other similar software for other municipalities that were very cumbersome."
Mike Querry, Construction Inspector Supervisor
Trinity River Authority

There are many more benefits for government construction project managers to discover with Projectmates. Request additional information or arrange a LIVE demo to get a first-hand look today.

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