Construction Program Management Software for Healthcare

In the Healthcare industry, construction is second priority to ensuring the wellness and safety of patients dependent upon and affected by the new building or modification of existing structures that provide those patients with care. To this end, Projectmates construction management software offers the following solutions to Healthcare construction project managers, in addition to our standard offerings.

Regulatory Requirements

  • Track Interim Life Safety Measures
  • Safety Report Oversight
  • Monitor Technical Requirements of Equipment
  • Drawing Review for Code & Safety Compliance

It is necessary to ensure that Interim Life Safety Measures are evaluated to know when and to what extent a hospital needs to follow extra life safety measures during a construction, remodel, or renovation project.

Projectmates helps ensure compliance by providing project specifications, ILSM forms, and drawing reviews for all applicable team members that are completely customizable to each project.

Capital Funding

  • Fund Tracking by Project & Fiscal Year
  • Capital Project Ranking
  • Financial Program Oversight
  • More efficient use of administrative staff
  • Significant cost savings on printing & shipping

According to Healthcare Finance News, one of the most expensive aspects of health system spending can be construction and facilities management. Projectmates is helping people have access to the type of healthcare they need by making the construction process more cost effective for facilities programs.

With Fund Tracking, finance and fund managers have an at-a-glance progress report of funds, including credits and debits of funds and fund tracking by fiscal year. From there, funds can be allocated to specific projects over the course of one or more years to track commitments and actual costs of each project and their impact on the fund. This significantly reduces the chances of a "surprise" alteration, keeping change order-associated costs to a minimum.


  • Financial Approval History
  • Real-time Information
  • Ball in Court Tracking
  • Email Notifications & Reminders
  • Audit Trails
  • Role-based Security

Projectmates provides unbeatable transparency. With our web-based software, you have the ability to view every detail of a project along with current status utilizing an at-a-glance window, forgoing the need for constant progress-checking with team members. Team members can view drawings, project budgets, invoices, and many more management processes, all shared in real-time. And, thanks to role-based security, you decide who views what, and can easily track access points.

Schedules are posted, deadline dates are categorized by responsibility, and email reminders are sent about upcoming milestones so no one misses a date. This allows you to easily track tasks, handle changes, ensure compliance, and report on progress with a simple click in your web browser, smartphone, or tablet.

With Projectmates, all of our information is in one place including responses to RFIs, scheduling, meeting minutes and the job progress pictures. When we made our decision on what healthcare construction project management software to purchase, we compared the software that was on the market, and Projectmates was chosen over the others. We chose Projectmates because it is easier to use than the other products, and also the archiving feature with Backup & archive Module gave us peace of mind that we wouldn't have with the competition."
Marie Fiore, Code Compliance Manager
Stony Brook University Hospital

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