Construction Program Management Software for Higher Education

There are a number of challenges facing college and university executives when it comes to the delivery of capital projects. Projectmates has the solution to address each one.

Owner Requirements

  • Single Point of Reference
  • Improved Working Environment
  • Streamlined Project Development & Completion
  • Uniform Project Delivery Methods
  • Better Executive Oversight

The project owner must set clear expectations from the outset if a project is going to run smoothly. This includes identifying all requirements, setting guidelines for team members, and establishing criteria for success. With Projectmates, owners have access to an expansive array of feature-rich modules where details such as budget and scheduling can be created, modified, and tracked from inception to completion. All applicable team members can also enjoy 24/7 access, an audit trail, a history log, and version control.

Cost Concerns

  • Mailing Costs Reduced to a Minimum
  • Saved Money in Late Payment Penalties
  • Eliminate Inefficiency
  • Reduce Paperwork
  • Less Wasted Time & Aggravation

Significant cost savings is a reality with Projectmates. In the transition from paper to fully-electronic document generation, our software eliminates the need for printing and shipping costs — a savings of thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars annually. As paperwork decreases and communication becomes clearer, this means a more efficient and effective use of staff resources, saving both time and money.

With the power to manage and monitor any and all changes as they occur, you recognize savings from the elimination of surprises, like change orders, that often come at the end of a project.


  • Board of Directors Oversight
  • Financial Approval History
  • Real-time Information
  • Ball in Court Tracking
  • Email Notifications & Reminders
  • Audit Trails
  • Role-based Security

Projectmates provides unbeatable transparency. With our web-based software, you have the ability to view every detail of a project along with the current status utilizing an at-a-glance window, forgoing the need for constant progress-checking. Team members can view drawings, documents, meeting minutes, discussions, project budgets, invoices, and many more management processes, all stored and shared in real-time. And, thanks to role-based security, you decide who views what, and can easily track access points.

Projectmates eliminated other tools and programs that were highly inefficient and labor intensive. We definitely could not have done it without the support and partnership from the Projectmates team."
Jonathan Lee, Director of Facilities Management Information Systems
Montclair State University

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