Consulting Overview

Your business is unique. The software you use to manage and ensure its success should be as well. So, the consultants at Projectmates are always on-hand to assist in the process of tailoring Projectmates software to fit your exact needs with our customization services.

Customization Options

Projectmates offers several customization options to fit your business' needs, including custom forms templates, portfolio reports, and third-party integration.


Using the module creation engine, custom forms are created to provide you with a digital version of each and every custom form your business needs. Then, once the template is created, it's available for use in any number of projects in your dashboard.

Portfolio Reports Customization

The Projectmates Portfolio enterprise reporting framework provides the information you need to evaluate all your projects. The Portfolio provides more than 100 pre-built reports, while additional reports can be created as part of our customization offering.

More info on Projectmates Portfolio can be found here.

Third-Party Integration

A number of options and tools are available when it comes to integrating with other applications. XML, APIs, Web Services, and pre-built import/export are all available for direct connection with the Projectmates' server. Projectmates has also been successfully integrated with project accounting applications, Microsoft Active Directory, and more.

Read more about our third-party integration options here.

Our Services

Projectmates is software as a service,
offering unique solutions to fit your needs.


Projectmates experts are always on-hand to assist in the process of tailoring Projectmates software to fit your exact needs.

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Unlike other systems that can require many months to years to implement, Projectmates software can be implemented in just 2-4 months.

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The construction program management software you choose should be able to integrate with other software applications and systems.

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Whether you want to improve your Projectmates knowledge or project management skills, our training programs can help you achieve your goals.

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