Implementation Overview

Systemates' sole business is developing, implementing, and supporting Projectmates capital construction program management software. Projectmates clients derive substantial value from our aggressive implementation efforts and dedicated implementation resources.

Implementation Process

Unlike other systems that can require many months to years to implement, Projectmates can be deployed in just 2-4 months, which minimizes risk to clients while maximizing return on investment.

Step 1: Project Kickoff

To kick-off the implementation process, we send a Projectmates Implementation Specialist to conduct fact finding sessions where we meet with all key departments, such as Design, Construction, and Upper Management. The Implementation Specialist determines what business processes are currently in place and defines those processes in Projectmates. During the entire implementation, Systemates communicates with the client through weekly meetings to review configuration and project progress.

Step 2: Proof of Concept

Once the software has been configured, the Implementation Specialist meets with the core implementation team for a Proof of Concept workshop where the teams run through a project from start to finish in the software. This workshop is an opportunity to solidify how processes will run in Projectmates and identify if there are any remaining issues prior to onsite training. In our experience, very little needs to be changed between the Proof of Concept workshop and the onsite training. Because Projectmates is highly configurable, adjustments and corrections can be completed with little to no cost or schedule impact.

Step 3: Go Live!

Systemates will set up a live project in Projectmates software to track and manage the actual implementation of the software. The client implementation team will be trained and given access to this project early on in the implementation. Systemates will store and share implementation and training documents in the software, manage the implementation schedule in the schedule module, generate weekly meeting minutes, and assign to do items to specific people. This not only meets the need for project transparency but also gets the team familiar and using the software early on.

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Unlike other systems that can require many months to years to implement, Projectmates software can be implemented in just 2-4 months.

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