Integration Overview

The construction program management software application you choose should be able to seamlessly integrate
with other software applications and systems you rely on for business. So, if you are using one of the many available modules Projectmates offers, such as budgeting or contracting, you want the information you enter and update to
also be accurately reflected in your accounting software without the need to perform the duplicate entry yourself.

Software Applications

From jobsite cameras to enterprise erp/accounting systems, Projectmates has
successfully integrated a wide range of software applications, preventing you from
having to jump from system to system and saving time with an all-in-one platform.

How it Works

Now, when a project manager approves invoices in Projectmates, invoices information can be streamed to the account payable system. Once checks area cut, payment information can be sent back to Projectmates as well, making for a truly integrated system. This helps avoid duplicate entries and data entry errors while reducing efforts and increasing efficiencies.

The exchange format and specification are developed by the client with assistance from the Projectmates product development team. We offer data exchange models for many third-party applications. In most instances, data sharing takes place instantly using web services or HTTP posting. It is also possible to conduct a data exchange with older technology such as sFTP file transfer. Projectmates supports a variety of formats such as XML, comma separated, fix-width flat file, and more.

Projectmates Application Integration

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The construction program management software you choose should be able to integrate with other software applications and systems.

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